Hello there! I’m a developer who goes by the name Ohidur Rahman Bappy. I live in Jashore, Bangladesh and studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University. Besides computer programming, I am also interested in designing, sleeping , and memes. As you look around, you’ll notice they are the main topics on my web site.

I maintain this web site to share stuff that is meaningful to me, including:

  • Explaining my understanding of how things work
  • Showcasing my work for its quality or uniqueness
  • Talking about one of my personal circumstances

(Prospective employer? Please browse this site as my portfolio, and also glance at the past projects.)

Elsewhere on the web

Most of the work I produced is hosted on this web site (Ohidur.com), but some work is hosted elsewhere. Why don’t you make a Google Search