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Ohidur's Notes

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    things to learn

    • Cryptograpy
    • Django
    • React Native

    bucket list

    • Teach programming to high school kids
    • Visit all 64 district of my country
    • Publish a book
    • Visit France
    • Learn to drive a car
    • Go on a hike
    • Spend a night at the beach
    • Speak Chinese fluently
    • Read the holy Quran beautifully
    • Bring my startup idea to life
    • Solve a Rubik’s Cube
    • Join an Intelligence force
    • Make a robot
    • Build a mini Gym in my house
    • Practice Kung Fu
    • Have a vacation in Saintmartin
    • Become a Millionaire
    • Read the license when installing a software
    • Row a boat
    • Catch a fish in river
    • Put a time capsule
    • 365 days coding challenge
    • Learn self defense

    Ohidur Rahman Bappy
    Ohidur Rahman Bappy
    πŸ“šLearner 🐍 Developer