My favorite poems
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List of my favorite poems

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docker-compose -f homeassistant.yml up -d version: '3' services: homeassistant: container_name: homeassistant image: "" volumes: - /dkr/homeassistant/config:/config - /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro restart: unless-stopped privileged: true network_mode: host Now go to http://host:8123

Activate python virtualenv programmatically
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Putting the script into the bin of your virtualenv, and then adding that bin location to your global PATH will not automatically source your virtualenv. You do need to source it first to make it active. All that your system knows is to check that extra path for the executable and run it. There isn’t anything in that script indicating a virtualenv. You could, however, hardcode the she-bang line to your virtualenv python, in which case the site-packages will end up on the path:

Basic usage of crontab
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Guide to using crontab on linux os

Javascript Basics
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Write within <script> tag <script type="text/javascipt"> document.write('Hello World'); </script> Semicolons are optional var num1=10 var num2=11 var num3=9;var num4=20; Case sensitivity Javascript is case insensitive var Num1=10 var NUM2=11 Comments Single line comments // this is a single line comment Multiline comments /* This is a multi-line comments that spans multiline */ <noscript> tag The code placed inside noscript will be executed if js is not there <noscript> Javascript is not available </noscript> Datatypes 3 Primitive data types